Occupational Cancers

Occupational Cancers

Titre de livre: Occupational Cancers

Éditeur: Springer London Ltd

ISBN: 1447128249

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Occupational Cancers

This book is a comprehensive guide to occupational factors of malignant diseases. It discusses potentially work-related malignancies, in the context of exposure assessment, specific clinical and pathological features of occupational cancer and biomarkers of exposure and disease. Epidemiological data about risk ratios of the cancer in question are reviewed for various occupations and with exposure to specific carcinogens, carcinogenic mechanisms, host susceptibility factors (genetic and other) and other environmental and life-style risk factors. Aspects such as surveillance of workers exposed to carcinogens and strategies for prevention of occupational cancer are also discussed. Occupational Cancers is aimed at oncologists, pathologists, residents in training, clinical researchers, clinicians in occupational health, epidemiologists, pulmonologists, lawyers and public health officials.